AIPAD Photography Show N.Y. April 14-17, 2016 - Galerie f5,6

Ulrich Schmitt "The J.M.Eder Projekt"
In its 36th year, The AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) Show is one of New York’s most anticipated photography events. This year’s show features 86 of the world’s leading fine art photography galleries and dealers all under one roof, though it will be the last year that it will be held in the Park Avenue Armory. Future shows will be located at Pier 94, joining the increasing number of art events held on the New York City piers.

I was pleased to see less repetition between galleries than in previous years, particularly among contemporary works. This made visiting each booth more of a discovery and less of a comparison of prices or content. As always, the 20th century masters were well represented, so I will instead turn my attention to some newer names whose work I found inspiring.

Ulrich Schmitt

Appealing to my affinity for process-based work, Galerie f5,6’s elegant display of Ulrich Schmitt’s landscapes drew my attention despite their small size. The landscape is divided into small vertical sections with each section printed in an alternative process before being reassembled to form the complete image. The processes are notated on the borders of the image and include materials like platinum, uranium, and lead. The final image is reminiscent of a test-strip yet presented in a sophisticated manner that highlights the importance on the artist’s hand in the piece.

Founded in 1978, The Association of International
Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) represents more than 120 of
the world's leading fine art photography galleries. AIPAD is
dedicated to creating and maintaining the highest standards
of scholarship and ethical practice in the business of
exhibiting, buying, and selling photographs as fine art. Its
cornerstone event, The Photography Show, is the longest
running fair dedicated to fine art photography.